Hi, my name is Ainsley. I’m a producer and enthusiast of all things audio.

After studying Audio Engineering at SAE (Barcelona) in 2004 and doing all kinds of small studio jobs I moved to London, where I consolidated my craft working for Sacha Skarbek and Martin Terefe at Kensaltown Studios. This led to 2 Latin Grammy awards for sound engineering on Jesse & Joy‘s album “¿Con quien se queda el perro?” in 2011. I also participated in sessions with artists such as Adele, Jason Mraz, Jessie J, Rita Ora, Joss Stone, Lisa-Marie Presley, Beverly Knight, Train, Charlotte OC, The Kooks, and many others.


Ever since I was a kid music has been my passion. It has also been my profession for the past 15 years. I grew up playing in bands and writing my own music. Over the years I have also been involved in live sound, electronic music and artist development. I now live in Berlin (Germany), where I work on all kinds of production projects from my own studio. I recently started a small production company called Bravemusik, and  I also teach recording, mixing, mastering and music business studies at dBs Music.